OnionFruit Connect anonymous browsing in all applications

The OnionFruit Connect app will help you connect to the Tor network quickly and easily. Works with any browser to stay anonymous on the internet.

Don't want to use Tor Browser? No problem: OnionFruit builds an all-system proxy to allow all your applications, including non-browser applications, to connect. You can keep the browser you are already using for safe browsing.

With one click you are ready. OnionFruit is designed to be simple. When you want to connect, just click on the connection.

For those unfamiliar with Tor (abbreviation of The onion router) is a system that allows its users anonymity on the Internet. Tor software routes web traffic through a global volunteer server network to hide a user's location or use of the traffic from anyone conducting web traffic monitoring or analysis.

Using Tor makes it difficult to trace the user's online activity, including visits to a web site, online posts, instant messaging programs and other online communication tools, and is intended to protect the individual's freedom, privacy and user ability to conduct confidential work without registering its online activities.

OnionFruit now uses a number of open source databases to find high-speed servers for routing encrypted traffic.
According to the developers you can choose from more than 7.000 servers in 95+ countries to direct your data before logging in or let Tor decide for you at random.

Download the OnionFruit Connect app from its github repository



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