OnionShare 2.5 anonymous file sharing via Tor

OnionShare 2.5: The first version of OnionShare 2017 was released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It had options for sharing files anonymously using the Tor network with a simple yet efficient interface.

Files must remain on the local computer as they are shared directly from it. This means that the local computer allows others to download the files, ensuring that the files will not be hosted by third parties.

Onion Share 2

OnionShare 2 was released in February 2019 and version 2.5 today. The new version brings various new features, such as public mode, anonymous support for Dropbox and support for new onion addresses.

OnionShare automatically connects to the Tor network as you run it on your computer. The application displays the settings if the connection attempt was unsuccessful. So you can change your preferences for connecting the application and try a new connection again.

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After logging in you can drag n drop files or folders you want to share or use the add files button.

The application displays an address that you can give to others to download for the files. The old OnionShare app displays the secret address you need to share. The new address format used by OnionShare 2 is more secure than the previous one.

An address like http://45yw5ywwetghwe2woqtr4fpisy45yw45hyw45lh46xw4xxhfwq2woqtr4fpisyd.onion/coasting-swampland seems to be more secure than addresses like http://dsrth6ye6554uyw.onion/usable

The application automatically stops sharing files after the first download. Of course you can change this from the options by unticking the "stop sharing after uploading files" sign.

The program shows you that you are sharing files, and by clicking the transfer button you can also display the transfer history.

Those who are interested can download the application on the platform they are interested in from the following link

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