What are the 3 dangers of Online Gaming?

Online Gaming; In the world of modern technology, you do not need to leave your home even for your basic needs. You can get everything from your home with a single touch on your smartphone or computer.

This saves valuable time for you who used to spend a lot of time doing them. Most importantly, you can spend more time with your family who need you more in your spare time than with technology.

Now children do not go to playgrounds to play with their friends. They have found interest in online games that they can play at home. The latest technologies have made it possible to play these games with their friends who are not present near them but are connected via the Internet (online gaming).

You can say that it is better as they have no chance of getting sick because of the external pollution and the various dangers they might encounter while playing outside. While all of this is true, there are still bigger problems than they seem.

Τι είναι το Online Gaming ;

Online games are nothing more than a kind of video game that you can play on your computer or smartphone using your internet connection. You can play these games from anywhere if your internet connection is good.

Games are generally made of computer and algorithms. There are many games available on the internet that you should download or buy. It is the modern version of the video games played by the children of the 90's.

Why is there a bad reputation around them?

There are many effects of these video games on the physical and mental health of children. Sometimes they are so serious that you have to be tough characters to convince yourself to stop playing. Instead, there are risks of cyber threats and monetary counterfeiting. Not all toys are dangerous, there are some toys that help children improve their skills. Here are some of the health risks of these video games.

1) Internet threats

There are three types of online threats for your kids that we will see in online gaming. The first type of cyber threat is an online predator. Predators are nothing more than a few people who have posted traps on gambling sites. Young children step into these traps unknowingly and can cause you a lot of money loss.

Not only that, predators have often sent explicit messages to users of these sites. It can happen because of their curiosity and enthusiasm to respond to any of the messages. Most of the time, these messages are sources of viruses that can cause system explosions and data intrusion.

Online Gaming

You may think that you can restrict your children's activities to friendly websites and children's games just by using the parental control virus program, but this is to inform you that predators are not so foolish that they do not understand the psychology of parents.

Thus, they target student and child friendly sites to spread their traps. Many times these predators may threaten your child to provide confidential information about your banking activities and you may find that your bank account is empty. Not all sites like SkinWallet (as an example of a secure platform) where you can be 100% sure about your security.

2) Cyber ​​Bullying

As we have mentioned before that an online game can be played with many other players, although they are of course not present close to the main player. As with other games, there are contests in these games.

But healthy competition is a different thing online bullying has become a very common phenomenon now in online games. Some children may use words during games that are not appropriate for them.

Some players may be good at games, while some may not be good, but a good player can use abusive statements to those kids who are not so good at playing. Sometimes these incidents can be so large that the local government may need to get involved.

Online Gaming

While cyberbullying is a big problem in online gambling, addiction is another major concern for the parent. Some children become so involved in these games that they forget all their other responsibilities and keep playing games. Addiction is a very big problem in the modern world that can cause different physical and mental problems in children.

They may suffer from depression if they sometimes lose in games. Sometimes children's mentality becomes violent and they can turn into aggressive people. Games are sometimes very inappropriate. This has a profound effect on children's minds.

3) Physical problems - Health problems

In order to keep the body in shape, they have to do some kind of physical exercise that the previous children did in the games that they played in the playgrounds. Once games were limited to computers and smartphones, children's physical activity was reduced to a minimum.

Online Gaming

This causes deadly diseases from childhood, such as diabetes, obesity, cirrhosis of the liver, cholesterol, hypertension and so on. Spondylitis, headache, dizziness, back pain, eye problems are some of the symptoms among online gamblers.



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