Largest sources of stolen banking information are online retailers

According research by Kaspersky Lab IT professionals from around the world, almost half of them in e-commerce / retail (or online retailers ) (48%) and financial services (41%) may lose some kind of financial information over the course of a year, either through targeted attacks, application vulnerabilities, or other forms of digital retailers

Although both business segments share this similarity, their attitude towards security technology varies. As soon as the 53% of businesses in the e-commerce industry said they would "make every effort to have up-to-date anti-fraud measures," 10% lower than the world average. As the online business model is based on payment processing, this unwillingness to invest in measures against online fraud could cause damage in the event of a security incident.

The financial services sector adopts a more positive and proactive approach to protecting financial data. 64% of the businesses in the industry said they would "make every effort to have up-to-date anti-fraud measures." In addition, 52% of financial service providers said they wanted to implement new technologies to protect transactions, compared to 46% in the e-commerce / retail sector.

After a violation

Kaspersky Lab investigates businesses that have experienced a serious data loss incident to describe the steps they have taken to protect their customers. Despite the different behaviors, both e-commerce and financial services have taken similar measures, implementing additional protection measures. The most common measure implemented was the "provision of secure connections for customer transactions". This measure was implemented by 88% of financial service providers and by 78% of e-commerce companies. On the other hand, financial services providers are more focused on proposals for specialized solutions for mobile devices in relation to e-commerce companies (75% versus 56% respectively).

Generally, the latest measure taken by financial service providers and e-commerce companies after a data breach, is the free or discounted provision of premium security software releases to their customers. It seems, therefore, that both sectors are more willing to invest in protecting their own systems than investing in the security of their customers' systems.

Finally, despite the relatively high rates of adoption of specialized anti-fraud solutions (71% in financial services and 62% in e-commerce), counter reading of these figures is remarkable. These figures show that about one third of businesses in both sectors still do not invest in financial security software, even after theft of financial information from them.


Security research shows that businesses specializing in collecting and processing payment information are targeted by digital criminals. Kaspersky Lab's research shows that these businesses are likely to lose their payment data through a data breach. Instead of taking action after attacks, it is recommended to implement actions to protect corporate networks in advance, as securing payment systems with specialized solutions.

Companies should use a comprehensive security solution, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, which helps protect a corporate network from malicious digital attacks, phishing and other digital threats, while offering IT staff a single and easy to use management console, providing visibility and control over the security policies implemented in a corporate network. Financial services also require specialized solutions such as Kaspersky Fraud Prevention that protects customers' terminals, including mobile devices. Kaspersky Lab's solution also offers a Software Development Kit to enhance the security of mobile banking applications. This anti-fraud security platform also includes Kaspersky Lab's threat information services, which help raise employees' awareness of digital threats.

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