Online connection of the Tax Office with the banks

The connection of the Tax Office with the banks in real time includes, among other things, the Digital Transformation of tax audits, which AADE has included in the Recovery Fund, Greece 2.0.

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As AADE explains, the reform aims to upgrade the digital infrastructure of AADE, so that the use of the large amount of data it has is more effective, as well as the monitoring of financial transactions.

He adds that with this particular reform important issues are addressed in terms of the utilization of the above data, which due to their volume cannot be effectively analyzed with the conventional data management tools available to the Authority.

Also the existing information systems present significant limitations in terms of adaptability to new needs in terms of data interconnection and integration.

As the new Business Plan of the Tax Authority, among the actions promoted through the Recovery Fund are:

  • The electronic interface with the financial system for the collection, processing and utilization of bank account details for purposes and taking measures.
  • The review and upgrade of the co with the financial system for standardization, automation and expansion of data exchange processes.

As it becomes clear, the Tax Office will direct connection to the banking system and will collect data on any natural or legal person it targets and will generally control every banking transaction.

And today it exists audit of the tax authorities in banks, but is more indirect and not online with the banking system the controlling authorities, as they will be, upon completion of the project.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation of tax audits reform aims to:

  • Making the most of data to tackle tax fraud and smuggling.
  • In the modernization of the critical information systems of the Authority by integrating the procedures in these.
  • In expanding data collection and internal and fority.
  • In the development of data-driven decision-making mechanisms and process automation.
  • In the implementation of audits and investigations by the office.
  • In the electronic interface with the financial system for the collection, processing and utilization of bank account data for the purposes of control and taking measures.

Also, AADE explains that the reform consists of the following actions:

  • Modernization of of data utilization through the development of a new Business Intelligence and Data Analysis environment.
  • Full activation of the myDATA system until its end , which collects data on business financial transactions (completed).
  • Anadi of the audit mechanism of AADE with the establishment and activation of the Audit Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki (completed).
  • Development of electronic tools to support Indirect Control Techniques.
  • Through the new Integrated Tax Information System, the management of audit cases, direct access for audit purposes to all available data of taxpayers, automation of cross-checks, automation of the drafting of audit sheets and reports, as well as the support of electronic notifications.
  • Review and upgrade cooperation with the financial system to standardize, automate and expand data exchange processes. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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