O&O ShutUp10 ++ stop telemetry in Windows 11

When Windows 10 was still a new operating system, Microsoft's built-in data collection system bothered many. According to the company, telemetry was (and is) necessary to improve Windows.

Of course, many people were not comfortable with Microsoft data collection, so they started using third-party applications to block telemetry in Windows. One of these applications was O&O ShutUp10.

What O&O ShutUp10 does is very simple: it provides full access to all privacy-related settings in Windows, giving users complete control over their operating system data, even if it means blocking Microsoft.

This week, O&O ShutUp10 was updated to support Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system The release started on October 5.

The O&O application is now released under a new name, O&O ShutUp10 ++.

The new version (1.9.1424) includes many new features, such as support for disabling access to applications in music libraries, the download folder and even blocking desktop applications for taking screenshots to the current user.

The new application also supports the dark theme of Windows.

You can download it from the official website


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