Open Secure-K OS operating on USB

Open Secure-K OS is a running operating system from USB. You can use the system to create and safely store your personal data.

Open Secure-KIt is an advanced USB operating system based on Linux and developed to be easy to use.

User and system data are stored encrypted inside the USB (AES 512bit). So the system can be used as a clean and περιβάλλον για τις your activities.

In addition, Secure-K does not Your computer's hard drive and like a Linux distribution, it is almost invulnerable to most viruses or spyware and adware.

Open Secure-K OS has a unique disk partitioning scheme, is compatible with lifeng (,, which allows it to be fully updated system and the kernel. GRUB is used as a bootloader for BIOS but also for UEFI systems.

System Functions:

Natural encrypted persistence.
Kernel update (on system ISO 9660 live!);
UEFI, with UEFI Secure Boot compatibility, with real .
User Creation Guide at First Boot. Use Live Live with the Live user, or create a new Open Secure-K OS by adding the language you are interested in, the corresponding keyboard and the time zone.

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