Open Source: In what ways changed the world

Do you know that open source software has an impact on how you live your life? Open source applications are available to anyone who wants to modify them and of course they can process them.

Do you know how the term "open source" started?

The phrase comes from a movement in the late 90s to revamp free software in a more ethically neutral way. Two of those involved in this movement, Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens, founded the Open Source Initiative (Open Source Initiative) 1998. The organization first introduced a formal definition of Open Source software and since then has been working to extend the adoption of the concept.Open Source

In February, 2018 marks 20's OSI anniversary, and the effort to spread Open Source seems to justify the vision of Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens.

Below we will see how open source software has managed to change the world.

Desktop computers with software and open source are available everywhere

When the Open Source Initiative began, Linux was born about half a decade ago. The K Desktop environment (as it was known) was only one year ago, while GNOME did not yet exist. Linux was not very easy for someone who was trying to use it as a replacement for Windows or Mac OS.

This situation has changed.

Linux is now easy to install and easy to use. There are many desktops to choose from. There are many "mature" open source programs available for all kinds of functions.

Top 500 Supercomputers run on Linux

Supercomputers perform mathematical operations (and not only) that would require tens of thousands of mathematicians and unlimited time. They are the machines used by meteorologists, for example, in order to compare a flood of variable variables (temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc.), to create accurate weather patterns and, of course, prediction.

TOP500 Supercomputer: Linux 500 on 500 computers

Supercomputers allow scientists to create simulations instead of destroying the environment and blowing things up.

Supercomputers are very specialized machines, and it helped open source. Developers can only use the features they need, modify modules, and make the necessary plug-ins without having to pay or account for anyone.

This is one of the reasons why 500's world's top supercomputers run on Linux.

Linux transport systems

Many large infrastructure projects, such as US air traffic control, rely on Linux to of the airplanes "flying" in the sky. Train companies use Linux to monitor the tracks. Linux runs on the pumps you see at gas stations, and some airplanes use Linux to power their entertainment systems.

Google uses Linux for its self-driving cars, but traditional car makers such as General Motors and Volkswagen have begun to develop their own Linux for the same purpose.

The International Space Station? It runs with Linux.

Open Source is behind most smartphones

Android today is the most popular in the world, and is based on Linux. When a new company wants to enter the market, they don't think of developing a new system from scratch, but they take as a basis Android or some other version of Linux (like Tizen).

But even though most smartphones use open source operating systems, the code is closed until it reaches the consumer… The Android device you buy from a store is essentially a closed source product.

The Cloud "stands" in Open Source

More and more people are leaving native applications on their desktop computers to themselves running through a browser. Yes, we are talking about the Cloud. Applications and services that run on someone else's computers. Most cloud computing today runs on open source software.

Linux and other open source operating systems, such as FreeBSD, are the popular options for servers, computers that are primarily intended for remote access.

Large data platforms like Kubernetes and MondoDB work on the backend. But the competition is great and does not stop there: there are very big names like CloudStack, OpenShift and OpenStack.

Developers, for the most part, prefer open source tools.

Affordable Web for Everyone

With Open Source software it has become easier for anyone to create a website. Yes you have to pay someone to host your site and a domain name, but creating the page will not cost you anything.

WordPress for example is an open-source backend used by many of the pages you visit on the internet. You can pay for themes s or some plugins, but the free nature and adaptability of the app has made it one of the most popular on the web.

Η αλήθεια είναι ότι οι όλοι είχαν τη δυνατότητα να δημιουργήσουν δωρεάν τη δική τους ιστοσελίδα από την αρχή του World Wide Web, αλλά θα έπρεπε να γνωρίζουν μια γλώσσα προγραμματισμού όπως την .

Today you can do it with a few clicks, and with millions of instructions available online.

"Open" has gone beyond the code

Free dissemination of code for those who are interested in reading it, editing it to modify it and embedding it, where needed, started out as an idea that seems to have found too many supporters.

Today the idea has spread to other areas, and so you can find innovations in open source governance, open education, open business, open agriculture and the list goes on.
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