Openindiana Hipster 2018.10 the open Solaris

OpenIndiana Hipster 2018.10: Solaris is a UNIX-based operating system and designed by Sun Microsystems. Openindiana Hipster

The Solaris license is closed, but recently large pieces of the system have changed the Open Source License (CCDL) to form OpenSolaris.

Solaris is supported in the following architectures: SPARC, x86 and x86-64. The graphical system environment is GNOME (Solaris 10), while the CDE is also available.

OpenIndiana is now the sequel to the Sun Indiana project. While OpenSolaris was designed to provide the OS / Net source, the Indiana project aims to provide a full Solaris distribution around OpenSolaris.

OpenIndiana announced 2010 when Oracle discontinued support for open source development in Solaris. While initially relying on OpenSolaris, the project changed to illumos OS / Net.

The distribution was designed during a period of uncertainty following Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, and it's been a few months without any signs of active growth.

The formation turned out to be timely as Oracle abandoned OpenSolaris soon for Solaris 11 Express, a Closer Developmental Distribution.

OpenIndiana is part of it Of the Illumos Foundation and provides a true alternative to the open source communities of Solaris 11 and Solaris 11 Express, with an open development model and full community involvement.

Today, OpneIndiana is the de facto standard for illumos-based general purpose distributions. OpenIndiana is actively maintained and is suitable for use on both servers and home computers. For home, although there are other projects, OpenIndiana is clearly the most successful.

So if you are looking for a version of Solaris with a GUI or if you come from a Linux environment and want to try Solaris in a familiar and rather comfortable environment, OpenIndiana is for you.

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