OpenShot Video Editor 2.5.1 Free powerful video editor

The free open source OpenShot Video Editor offers you a very powerful video editor designed to be easy to use and very fast to learn.

The application is constantly evolving and utilizing the codecs that are already installed on your system.OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor Features:

  • Open Source, Free
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.
  • Title editing.
  • Crop and cut.
  • Video effects.
  • 3D Cartoons.
  • Slow motion and effect timing.
  • Transfer and drop support.
  • Very simple and functional user interface.
  • More than 80 environment languages.

See the 2.4.2 version presentation video

Download the application on the platform you want from the official website:

The 2.5.1 package for Linux

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