OpenVPN funding for JHU security checks

Johns Hopkins University's Dr Matthew Green will be responsible for the security controls of the new OpenVPN 2.4.

The open source VPN project, distributed through GitHub, has been developed to support all platforms, from Solaris to Windows, many Linux and BSD distributions including OSX and jailbroken iOS.

It is also used by VPN provider Private Internet Access (PIA), which is the company that has decided to fund the Open Source project security review. The announcement was made with a publication by the company.

In this publication, CIAb Chen of PIA reports that Dr. Green was funded to review version 2.4, which is currently in beta, and when the version is released in its final form, "it will be compared and evaluated to complete security testing".

Chen says the PIA has decided to fund the review itself "Due to the integral nature of OpenVPN and the privacy community as a whole in our company philosophy."

The post says the report will be released first to the OpenVPN community before publication and that the PIA will help with any repairs needed to increase security.

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