Opera 43 is the fastest version ever released

The new version of Opera 43 has just been released. According to the company, it is the fastest version ever released, with both instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) features.Opera 43

The company says:

As web content becomes more and more "heavy", browsers will have to load pages faster and faster to keep up with user expectations.

Last year, the Opper application became much faster with features such as ad-blocking, optimizing page load speed and faster boot. Today, with instant page loading and PGO, we add another boost that will take off the loading time.

How does instant page loading work?

Direct page loading or instant page loading is a technology that predicts which webpage you type in the address bar. Once recognized, it begins loading the web page in the background before you even press enter.

The instant page loading feature becomes smarter over time by learning the URLs that lead to a specific web page. For example, if you type "nyt.com" many times the feature will know it and start loading the New York Times in the background. Additionally, when you search for something from the address bar, it will load potential results in the background.

Another feature that will improve performance in the latest version of Opera is Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). PGO is a technical compiler that will make software running on Windows much faster. With PGO, we can teach the compiler which usage script is important and so OPpera will be able to execute them faster, using much less CPU.

The PGO feature optimizes the most important parts of the browser, and brings some important improvements in speed. With this technology, the startup becomes 13% faster. Also, the browser engine has a much better performance, improving 60,3% compared to Xperia 42, JetStream (7,7%), and Octane (3,35%).

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