Opera 57.0.3098.76 has just been released

Opera 57.0.3098.76: Opera Browser is a web browser developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software ASA. Opera Browser is available in two versions: Opera for PC, and Opera for mobile and tablets in two sub-versions, Opera and Opera Mini. Formerly known as: Opera Desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is one of the most popular and effective mobile browsers with built-in ad blocking, data saving and news streaming.

The developers of the application are constantly trying to add new features that do not exist in other similar programs. So in addition to the speed and performance of my browser is one of the main priorities of Opera, the application offers Opera Turbo data compression. Opera 57

Note that the browser has over 1.000 extensions that you can easily customize.
It has a built-in ad blocker and many other features, so you can browse faster, while with the new battery saving feature, you can browse even more as it extends battery life by up to 50%.

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According to the company, your browser protects you from malicious websites and malware on the internet. In addition, it has an unlimited and free VPN function for everyone.
Ok it's not exactly a VPN, but it is a feature that will help you connect to the internet with a different IP (VPN that looks more like a proxy).

So today the company released a new version of the application, Opera 57.0.3098.76 is here and you can download it from the following links:

linux /      28-Nov-2018 08: 45
mac /        28-Nov-2018 08: 45
win /         28-Nov-2018 08: 46


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