Opera 58.0.3135.47 Stable: download the new version

The developers of the Norwegian company Opera Software, they announced today the release of Opera 58, the first build of 2019. There are two new features in this build. Opera browser works on all Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, but also on mobile devices (Opera mini)

Opera 58 will warn you before you close a browser window that has open tabs. This means that the application will try not to lose data that you have entered in forms, comments or posts on social networks due to a "mouse slip".Opera 58

The developers of the application state that if you do not want to see this dialog box, you can simply disable it from the same window.

To reactivate the alert, you can do so from Settings - Advanced - User Interface.

The other feature brought by version 58, concerns Russian browser users. The app has now integrated the homepage of Yandex Zen, a Russian news service.

Download the application




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