Opera 70 with new interesting features

The Opera browser development team has released a new version of the app. The new version of Opera 70 offers easier access to closed tabs, simpler searches and new icons for Workspace.

The latest version brings a number of improvements to the history and bookmarks of the previous version. The sidebar now includes a search box to help you find your listings faster.

There are some improvements to the tab search function. The first allows you to search for recently closed tabs.

The other makes it possible to search not only by the name of the tab, but also by its content. You will be able to find a tab from the text on its page.

To access the Tab Search feature, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + space.

With the new version of Opera 70, the browser has more icons that you can use in your workspace.

You can download the new Opera 70 application from official webpage.

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