Opera for Android now has built-in VPN support

Opera Software today released a new beta version for Android phones, which includes proxy / VPN support in the browser.


The Opera now has a VPN for Android users running its beta version. This means that if you just run the regular Opera or Opera mini you will not see it. Also even if install the latest beta version of Opera there is a case you do not see it, at the moment, due to lack of support of your country of residence.

Follow these steps to find out if VPN is already available to you:
1. Click on the Opera beta icon and select Settings.
2. If you see a VPN entry below the browser near the top, then the VPN is available and you can surf anonymously.
For Greece However, our Opera beta has a built-in VPN and is activated without any problems.

From there, simply drag the switch to turn on the VPN in your mobile browser, then press and hold the VPN entry to display additional options. VPN is enabled by default for private tabs only. Clear this option from the VPN settings to enable it for all tabs.

You can also change the virtual location to force the browser to connect via servers in Europe, America or Asia, instead of letting Opera decide for itself.

Last but not least, it is possible to enable VPN for searches as well. This improves privacy, but may result in less relevant search results, as the search engine may provide results for another country, based on the server you are connected to.

Opera for Android indicates that the VPN is being used by displaying an icon in the address bar of the browser. Touch the icon to see the transferred data of the last 30 days but also to enter the settings from there.

The browser proxy has no time or data transfer limit, and Opera Software promises to be an uncensored service.

A quick test revealed that the speed is good enough for normal browsing sessions.

Opera Software introduced a similar support to the company's destop browser in 2016. The VPN of the desktop version, which is still available, works in a similar way from many opinions.

The built-in proxy is available for free, does not limit bandwidth, and Opera Software promises to record nothing. This is good for users who want to protect their privacy by hiding the IP address of their mobile device.



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