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Opera Software was released last week a developer version that calls it Browser VPN or simply VPN depending on where you download the program from in the latest version of the browser.opera

O Browser VPN μπορεί να ενεργοποιηθεί στο Opera πολύ απλά απο τις του προγράμματος περιήγησης, και όπως αναφέρει η εταιρεία χρησιμοποιεί κρυπτογράφηση που βελτιώνει τόσο την προστασία της ιδιωτικής ζωής όσο και την ασφάλεια κατά τη χρήση του προγράμματος περιήγησης.

However, a detailed analysis of the VPN that Opera uses revealed that VPN is not a VPN that protects all the traffic of an internet device device, but a proxy.

When you enable VPN in Opera, the following occur:

The Opper browser connects to the SurfEasy API to obtain the credentials they need and the IP addresses (SurfEasy is a company of Opéra).
The browser sends requests to the proxy with permission request headers to the proxy whenever web pages or services are loaded in the browser. These headers include the device ID and code of the device.

This information can be "captured" and used on different systems, or even other non-Opera programs, as it contains the proxy IP address, username and password.

The connection itself is secure, as HTTPS is used even if the web pages do not use HTTPS. The hostname is searched remotely on the proxy server, which means that there is no leakage of the hostnames, as well as when the "VPN" is used.

What does all this mean?

OPpera's VPN is not a real VPN but an HTTP proxy. Opera's VPN also uses a device ID that connects to the device you are using.

It should be noted here that the device ID used by the "VPN" is the same ID that Opera has been using for a long time. You can read about this - Privacy in your browser.

The company says:

“The Opera browser installation contains a unique identifier that is not linked to the user's identity. This unique identifier is required for vending machines του λογισμικού και των εγκατεστημένων επεκτάσεων. Τα δεδομένα που είναι σχετικά με τα χαρακτηριστικά (όχι ιστοσελίδες) χρησιμοποιούνται στο πρόγραμμα περιήγησης Opera και συλλέγονται με σκοπό τη βελτίωση του λογισμικού και των υπηρεσιών. Το λογισμικό δημιουργεί επίσης ένα μοναδικό αναγνωριστικό που συνδέεται με τον υπολογιστή σας. Αυτό το μοναδικό αναγνωριστικό χρησιμοποιείται με μοναδικό σκοπό να μετρήσει τις εκστρατείες μάρκετινγκ και τους συνεργάτες διανομής.”

Opera has stated that it has a strict no-logging policy , for the VPN/proxy.

Hopefully, Opera plans to fix all of the above in future releases. She would be more than welcome of the proxy to a real VPN until the version reaches the stable channel.

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