Opera Neon The new different browser concept

Opera Software has unveiled a new concept browser called Opera Neon. Opera Neon is a prototype web browser that "envisions the future of web browsers similar to the way original cars envision the future," according to Opera Software.

The browser has developed from scratch, and you will notice from the beginning that it will do things differently than other browsers. Note that it is powered by the open Chromium app.Opera Neon

The original Opera Neon browser is only available for Windows and Mac devices and can not be installed and run as a portable version, at the moment at least.

The interface (UI) used by Opera Neon differs from that of other browsers. There is no visible address bar or tab for tabs, for example when you run the application for the first time.

The screen that opens uses a desktop background of your device as a background, displays a search field at the top, and below it some icons that can link you to popular Internet destinations. You can drag any open tab to add it to your favorites, and much more.

The only interface elements are on the left side in a panel type. The menu is located in the lower left corner, with the five icons there, you can do the following:

Restart the startup screen to load a new address or one of your favorites.
There is a Player, a media player.
An Snap, for screenshots.
There is the Gallery, which contains your screenshots.
And of course there are Downloads, with the downloads history.

If you want a test drive of the new concept browser you can download it from the following link:

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