Operation Liberty: ESET overwhelms a powerful botnet

Η ESET released a detailed research entitled “Surgery Liberpy: Keyloggers and information theft in latin America".security experts Liberty

The #Liberpy constitutes a botnet, based on the protocol HTTP has infected over 2.000 user machines in Venezuela using keyloggers to steal personal data.

The business started with a malicious campaign emails which included infected attachments, which showed that they had information about tracking parcels.

The victims that were infected were not only added to botnet, but turned into potential distribution nodes through the devices USB that they were using.

“We focused on Business Liberty for more than eight months, "he said Diego Perez Magallanes, Researcher Malware of ESET Latinoamerica.

"It is an important day, beyond analyzing and protecting users from a threat such as Liberty, we managed to break the business, making it useless.

We wanted to share our findings with this worldwide research so that we could all work together to stop these kinds of threats, wherever they are. "


For more information interested parties can download the report (PDF): “Surgery Liberpy: Keyloggers and information theft in latin America. "

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