Opportunity rover the last panoramic image

When NASA announced that the Opportunity rover stopped working on Mars, the space community mourned the loss of a very tough exploratory machine.

But the Opportunity rover, who used to record all of his route, managed to send a last panorama before it stopped working. NASA released this picture on Tuesday, showing the latest Opportunity position on the end of the Endeavor crater.
Opportunity rover

The image is complex and consists of 354 images that sent the Opportunity between 13 May and June 10 using the Pancam instrument.

Below is a part of the panoramic image:

NASA lost contact with the rover on 10 June during a major planetary storm.

In the panoramic image compiled by NASA, you can see that the lower left corner of the image is black and white because the storm has risen before Opportunity has had the opportunity to use its color filters in this section.

The dark picture was the final transmission NASA received from the robot.

"This final panorama shows what Opportunity did on such a remarkable exploration mission," he said in a statement. communication John Callas, director of the Opportunity project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

Right and left is the bottom of the Perseverance cavity while the top of the Endeavor crater remains virgin and unexplored, waiting for visits from future explorers.

Callas also pointed out that the tracks of the rover wheels are shown in the panorama.

See the image at high resolution



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