Microsoft: Terminate optimizers who terrorize 1 in March

Stop optimizers and registry cleaners: From March 1, 2018, Windows Defender and other Microsoft products will begin removing programs that force the user to purchase software. These include registry cleaners and system optimizers (registry cleaners and optimizers) that offer free scans, detect problems, and display disturbing messages, asking the user to purchase a product that can fix everything (everything).

In order to prepare developers for this change, Microsoft updated the evaluation criteria of behaviors that will no longer be acceptable.optimizers

Programs should not display alarms or messages that force the user with deceptive content to pay for additional services or to gain access to unnecessary features.

Software that forces users may display the following features, including:

Report errors to the user's system in an excessive or worrying manner, and require payment to resolve errors or perform other actions, such as conducting a survey, downloading a file, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. λπ.
Indicate that no other action can correct the reported bugs or issues
Require the user to act within a limited period of time to resolve an alleged issue

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This move is a very important step, as these types of products have long been a big problem, especially for users who do not have computer experience.

Worrying messages that indicate threats and errors, cause fear in users and often force them to buy products that they immediately realize do not solve the problems. optimizers

Often, suppliers of system optimizers and registry cleaners release the same application under many different names. This allows them to keep pushing for the same product when end users find that the previous one did not work as expected.

With the release of these new criteria, companies will have to comply otherwise their software will be removed from Windows. Developers who develop these types of programs can submit their software to Microsoft for validation using Windows Defender Security Intelligence company portal.

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Microsoft will evaluate the program and determine if the program will continue to run on Windows or will be removed on March 1.

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