OTE 2 million euros to support Greek hospitals

OTE: The OTE Group is proceeding with the donation of 2 million euros for the support of Greek hospitals with respirators, beds suitable for ICU and other medical equipment, based on the needs determined by the Ministry of Health, supporting the national effort to address the health crisis caused by the spread of the new coronavirus.


The OTE Group immediately proceeds with the delivery of 25 respirators, worth 255.000 euros, while a major effort is underway to purchase additional ventilators and dozens of fully equipped beds for the Intensive Care Units of the Greek reference hospitals.

At the same time, in consultation with the coordinating department of the Ministry of Health, it will proceed with the purchase of other medical equipment, based on the needs of the hospitals. The total offer of the OTE Group will amount to 2 million euros.

"In these difficult times, we are all together. With our partnership, our country will emerge victorious. We hope that the supply of medical equipment will help the titanium work of our Greek hospitals, doctors and nurses, who are sacrificing themselves every day in the fight for the care of our fellow human beings, "said Group President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Group. .

OTE Group has undertaken initiatives and a series of measures for the protection of its people, the shielding of telecommunications infrastructure and services, but also the provision of services and digital tools, which facilitate the increased needs of its subscribers for communication, connectivity, entertainment and work from home.

80% of the people who work for the OTE Group, more than 13.000 people, have already been working remotely - for more than two weeks. At the same time, the front-line people of the OTE Group take care every day to ensure the good of communication for citizens, companies and institutions.

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