OTE Fiber to the Home: Fiber to home

New Architecture Networkoptical fiber to the home»(Fiber to the Home - FTTH) OTE Group developed pilot in the Municipality of Athens. By providing Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps, OTE Group is paving the way for Gigabit Society.

In the context of the pilot project, copper wires were completely replaced by fiber optics and consumer homes in a selected area in the center of Athens. So, about 50 households and businesses are enjoying today's COSMOTE FTTH symmetry speed up to 1 Gbps (1 Gbps download & 1 Gbps upload), completely free.OTE

OTE Group Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Stefanos Theoharopoulos, said: "We are the fiber optic company in Greece. We want COSMOTE customers to enjoy the benefits of new infrastructure. The aim of the pilot project is to test the FTTH architecture in live network so that we can define the appropriate technical specifications, better listen to our customer, individual or business, and map more effectively its needs. We are paving the way for us to be ready to meet our customers' future needs for FTTH services. "

Fiber to the Home is a strategic goal and an integral part of the OTE Group's technology projects. For this reason, the Group has stepped up its construction plan by bringing fiber optics into the neighborhoods for the provision of high-speed fixed internet with VDSL and VDSL Vectoring.

OTE Group is the largest investor in new technologies and infrastructures in Greece, since only over the past six years investments have exceeded € 2 billion. Moreover, it has already announced investments of € 2017 billion for the next four years (2020-1,5) to offer consumers even higher speeds and greater coverage on both fixed and mobile.

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