"OTE My WiFi" for free internet and outside the home

OTE provides the possibility of free internet connection via WiFi hotspots and outside their home to the clients of the programs OTE Double Play, through the service OTE My WiFi, in collaboration with the global Fon WiFi network.

OTE My WiFi is a wireless network that is created and expanded by the users themselves. Contributing a small part of the connection Internet they have at home, they get the opportunity for free WiFi Internet access to more than 12 million hotspots (access points) around the world.

In particular, the equipment that accompanies OTE Double Play emits two different WiFi signals: one private and one public, accessible by other subscribers. In essence, the user shares a small part of his WiFi with other subscribers, gaining the ability to do the same.

The end result is the creation of a network to which anyone who "contributes" can connect to the Internet for free even when away from home. Regarding the connection method, the user looks for a wireless WiFi network with the name (SSID) on his device "OTE WIFI FON", selects "login" and then enters its username and login password.

The company assures that the service is designed and implemented to ensure the integrity and security of the user's connection from potential malicious users.

Source: naftemporiki.gr

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