OTE how to divert calls

Today I had to divert an OTE landline number to my mobile and found that the old way has changed (* 21 * number#).

We mention the old way as we noticed that in some cases it still works:

Divert to a number:



# 21 #

Before proceeding with method number 2 you should pay attention to:

When someone diverts a call from their landline to their mobile and someone picks up your phone on their landline, then you are charged as if you had picked up a phone from your landline to a mobile.

If you have free mobile airtime from your landline, then during the diversion your landline will use the free mobile airtime you have.

So let's see how you can divert calls from one OTE landline to another number you want.

To activate, type in the device with the number you want to divert:


Try calling the landline number from a third party now.

To turn off, type in the same device:

# 21 * 1234 #

Are you ready.

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