oTranscribe: Free application for transcripts

oTranscribe: You may think you do not need a transcript if you are not a journalist, or a researcher, but you will be surprised.

You could have a meeting or attend a lecture, or you may be a writer who keeps an audio note. Basically, we can all use the transcriber mode, and with oTranscribe it's very easy. oTranscribe

In the good old days, turning the sound into text was too much work. OTranscribe is a free open source application that can run from your browser. If you have an audio file you can start immediately. The service also supports writing in Greek.

Just upload the audio file you have from your browser to the service (also supports YouTube videos).
The file will appear as a player in the top left of the page, with pause or fast forwarding options. The application also supports keyboard shortcuts for transcription ninjas.

The word processor is on the right and you can type the transcript text without changing apps or screens. It has bold and italic writing.
Begin typing, while you can control the playback speed with the slider above the player or F3 and F4.

OTranscibe also has time stamping features that allow you to click on it to transfer you to the audio file at that time.

Once you have completed your project, you can download it as a text or a oTranscribe document file. The .OTR format can be re-introduced in the application. You also have the option to immediately save your file to Google Drive.

Try the application

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