Oops? The "apple" has rotted?


In a publication with a lot (too much) provocateur title, h Huffington Post refers to the lawsuit filed by the head of a fund, David Einhorn against Apple, demanding that the company be forced to raise the profits of its shareholders. Einhorn, who deeply admires Apple to increase her profits, accuses her of the "liquidity problem" she has to resolve. What is it?

While the company performs exceptionally well in its profitability and consequently in its cash stock, shareholders do not receive any special treatment. On the contrary, while they have proposed the creation of some "privileged shares", the company refuses and so the head of the fund, hailed the courts and the… channels.

It's serious; We are not able to know that. But we are certainly impressed by the Huffington Post post, which is even adorned with a Photo Gallery with the 9 biggest complaints of users about the iPhone 5, which is a bit δο paradoxical in a report on a purely investment issue. Certainly, the fall of the company's share does not make the shareholders happy despite its profitability and it is an issue that we have commented on. As we have commented on the fact that Apple would do well to "change" by making something innovative again, something that will leave the world speechless.

The Huffington Post, however, reminds us more of a personal feud between Apple's public relations department and the popular news site, rather than an analysis by a tech or financial analyst. Something rotten is definitely there, but we are not sure which way exactly. Apple, or the Huffington Post?

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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