Outlook beta: Try the new features today

As you know, Microsoft has provided one new beta version Outlook.com - the email, calendar and business management service of companies. Comes with a new design, a smarter inbox, and better personalization.

Unfortunately, the service is not available for everyone at this time because it's still in beta and many features from the current version of Outlook.com are missing from it.

Below we will see a small trick that will allow you to participate directly in beta testing.

If you do not see the UI switch in the upper right corner of your inbox below, we'll see how you can use the new service. Outlook

According to Microsoft, if you do not see it now, you will see it in the next few weeks. However, if you want to instantly test the new environment, do the following:

Go to https://outlook.live.com/ και συνδεθείτε στο λογαριασμό σας.

In the address bar, change the URL from https: //outlook.live.com/owa/ at https://outlook.live.com/mail/

That's it!


Some people say the page refresh returns it old version of Outlook.com.

To resolve this, copy and paste the following directly into your browser address bar at the following address:


iGuRu.gr The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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