More than half of Facebook users are only mobile

51,7 percent of Facebook users use the social networking service exclusively from a mobile phone.

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More specifically, in today's announcement Facebook for the fourth quarter 2015 earnings, h company revealed that 1,59 now has billions of active users every month (with a growth rate of 14 percent from year to year) and 1,44 billions of mobile phone users (at a growth rate of 21 percent annually).

The Facebok reports also has 1,04 billions of daily active users (with an annual increase of 17 percent) and 934 million daily mobile mobile users (with an increase of 25 percent annually).

In other words, 65,41 percent of all Facebok members use the service daily, as well as 64,86 percent of users with a mobile phone.


In fact, Facebok looks like in the 4 quarter of 2015, advertising revenue from the use of mobile phones accounted for about 80 per cent of the company's total advertising revenue.

Access to mobile service is the key to the social network that has managed to turn its initial success into a mobile phone business. But it is also impressive that Facebok has managed to keep all its statistics in ascending order without showing any trace of reduction.

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