Technology for owl wing aircraft

If you have never heard the sound of an owl when flying, you are not alone. Its wings are almost silent during the flight, and that's the very fact that has come to the attention of the researchers.
A research is studying what makes the owl's flights so quiet and they hope to apply the "technology" to create quiet aircraft, wind turbines and submarines.


In accordance with Mashable, owl wings have three physical characteristics that make them silent. First, there is a comb of rigid wings along the front end of the wings. Second, the rear end of the wing has a flexible margin with soft feathers. A rigid back on the wings of other birds creates plenty of noise during the flight. And thirdly, a material on the top of the wing works like a soft carpet. When the air passes over the velvety upper side of the wing, the noise disappears.
Scientists after their observations are in a search phase to apply these features to technology.
"If this owl-noise mechanism works, it can have far-reaching effects on the vibrations in aircraft and wind turbines," said Justin Jaworski, an assistant professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

The team presented her findings on Sunday at 's Division of Fluid .

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