Play 20 classic Windows games for free

Who hasn't played the classic Windows games? Games like solitaire, mine collector, pinball and a bunch more. Let's go to remember them again.

windows 7 old games

If you feel nostalgic for the old games, you can still today relive the classic Windows games, of course for free and through the browser. That is, without installing anything.

The games presented below date back to the 90s and several of them were built into older versions of Windows. Let's go to remember them again.

In each heading you will find the link to play the game online.


click here.

Play the classic Microsoft solitaire in your browser, including all the classic features and rules.

The classic solitaire included in Windows 11 and available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS . You can also play the Windows 3.1 version in the browser, through DOSBox.


Play the classic Minesweeper for free in your browser. The game features various difficulty levels with the nostalgic Windows 95 teal background and decorative elements.

It's just as addictive as you remember. In addition, you can take him source code if you want.



FreeCell is another solitaire game that Microsoft once had.

You can play for free from your browser with the link in the header, but you can also download free for Windows 11, Android and iOS .

3D Pinball Space Cadet

3d pinball

This is a beloved inclusion in Microsoft Plus! package for Windows 95.

You can play online from the header link or download for modern 64-bit versions of Windows (including Windows 11).

The control keys in the online game are Z and ? for right – left and Space to throw. Watch out for Titl!

Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi and Spades

windows 7 backgammon
The collection of Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi and Spades games first appeared on Windows Me and XP around the turn of the millennium. At the time, internet adoption was booming and the idea of ​​a shared "family computer" was prevalent.

Reversi was the first game included in Windows 1.0, and of course at the time it was not an online game.

Now you can still enjoy many versions of these games online.

Here are links where you can play for free:
Backgammon : Play in your browser on address
Checkers : The is the fastest way to play the famous game.
Reversi : The has a decent version of Reversi.
spades : Enter the to play Spades in your browser.



Hearts is a card game where at first you trade cards with your opponents, then each round the higher suit wins.

It appeared in Windows 98 through Windows 7, and hasn't reappeared since. Solitaired (link in header) has a good version of Hearts that is ad-free. It also has online multiplayer.



Inkball is a quirky little game that first appeared on the Tablet PC version of Windows XP and later on Windows Vista Home Premium.

This game required players to quickly draw lines to direct balls into holes of the same colors.

You can play the game online in the browser from GitHub user ghalak.

mahjong titans


Mahjong is a game that appeared in the version of Windows 7. On the Internet there are a lot of versions of it, either installed or online, like the one we offer you.



Hover! appeared in Windows 95 only after it was included in the CD-ROM release. Microsoft revived it in 2013 as a browser game, but the site has since disappeared.

Fortunately, you can still access it using a snapshot from the Internet Archive

Chess Titans

chess titans

The original Chess Titans is included in the Windows 7 Games pack, and later by Microsoft just to download it.

It is nothing but classical chess. If you want to play online you can play it with the link in the header, which is not the same in appearance but in general it is still just a game of chess.

Play games from Microsoft entertainment packages
In addition to the pack-in games, other Windows titles were included in one of four editions of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack between 1990 and 1992.

Later in 1994, Microsoft released a final compilation called The Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

All of these games are 16-bit, meaning they run on 16-bit versions of Windows from Windows 3.0 and up and on 32-bit versions up to the 32-bit version of Windows Vista. They do not run on Windows 8 or later or any modern 64-bit version of Windows.

If you want to relive that era, we recommend playing these games natively in a Windows 3.1 environment. You can install Windows 3.1 in Oracle's VirtualBox and then grab a copy of the Microsoft Entertainment package of your choice (most of which are available through the Internet Archive ) to play.

If you want to just not get so involved, there are a few other ways to enjoy these old game favorites.


ski free

Play the classic SkiFree in your browser with this faithful remake in JavaScript, with jumps, slalom and more.

Rodent's Revenge

rodents revenge
It is a cat and mouse game (controlled by a computer).

Rodent's Revenge was included in Microsoft's second entertainment package in 1993. It has since been remade in Java and is free to play in your browser.

Chip's Challenge

The tile-based puzzler Chip's Challenge was originally a launch title for the Atari Lynx home console, but was later bundled with Microsoft's fourth entertainment package in 1994.



Klotski is a small brick game that has its root in a wooden game called (in French) Ane rouge. The goal is to get the differently colored piece to its destination by moving the other pieces. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of brains.

Klotski is included in Microsoft's third entertainment package. A developer named Philippe Fremy has recreated the original Klotski in Python, as a Windows executable, which you can run on modern versions of Windows but you will need Python 3.5 and PyQt 5.

The header link gives you the same game, just the graphics are a little different.



After being included in the original Microsoft Entertainment Pack, Jezzball was also featured in The Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

Your goal is to create lines thus claiming at least 75% of the playing area while avoiding the balls. A line will extend horizontally or vertically until it hits a wall and becomes a boundary. If a ball touches a line before it becomes a boundary, the line is destroyed and you lose a life. Left click to create a line. Right click to toggle between horizontal and vertical lines.

Pipe Dream (Pipe Mania)


Pipe Dream was released for the Amiga by The Assembly Line in 1989 as Pipe Mania and was later ported to other platforms (including Windows 3.1) by Lucasfilm Games.

Pipe Dream is a puzzle game about connecting a set of pipes in a board within a set time frame. This formula has since been cloned and used countless times.

Play the header link a browser based clone of Pipe Dream or play the original Amiga Pipe Mania at the Internet Archive.

Game of life

game of life

Also known as John Conway's Game of Life or simply Life, it is a cellular automaton game invented by Cambridge mathematician John Conway.

It consists of a grid of cells that, based on some mathematical rules, can live, die or multiply. Depending on the initial conditions, the cells form various patterns throughout the game.

Game rules: Any cell with one or no neighbors dies, due to loneliness!. Any cell with four or more neighbors dies, due to overcrowding. Any cell with two or three neighbors survives. For a space that is empty then a cell with three neighbors can be populated. You delete or create cells trying to multiply the population.

Favorite games with memories

Flappy Bird Game Over

Windows veterans will notice that the above list does not include some games, such as Windows Vista Ultimate's Tinker or WordZap which was included in Volume 3 of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. Some we couldn't find online, some were only in English.

If you want to remember them again, the solution is to install an old operating system on a virtual machine, such as virtualbox, and there install the Microsoft packages that you can still find on the Internet Archive.

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