Play the hidden game "Cloud" on your Android phone

Are you somewhere without internet and bored? See how you can play the hidden game "Cloud" from your Android phone and through Google search application.

There is a hidden game in the Google Search app on your Android smartphone. You can watch and play it without having to have an internet connection. Basically you need to be offline on your phone to play the game and have a good time.

This game is called "Cloud" and can be found on any Android phone, regardless of brand. It is essentially integrated into Google Search, which in turn is integrated into almost all Android phones anyway, so you can enjoy it almost anywhere.

If you want to see it and play it follow these steps:

Step 1. First turn off the internet connection on your Android mobile phone. If you use mobile data, turn it off. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, turn off the Wi-Fi feature.

Step 2a. On your mobile home screen, if there is a widget with the Google search box, tap it to enter any text.

Step 2b. If you do not have the Google Search box on the home screen, open the Google app whose icon is logically already somewhere on your screens.

Note: If you have deleted it or if for any reason you do not have it you can download and install it manually from the Play Store.

Enter anything in the Google Search box. The text does not matter as the internet connection is turned off and Google is going to display the Internet Connection Error page, which you actually want to reveal to see the secret game.

Step 3. Once you type anything into the Google Search box and tap the search icon, the Google App will display a login message with no data connection or no available network.

You will now see the Cloud animation icon or a thumbnail image near the error message as shown in the following screenshot:

Step 4. Click on the cloud image and congratulations. You have revealed the hidden game.

You can now start playing the full screen game. Clicking on the screen raises your bubble a little higher. Try to avoid obstacles from birds, black clouds etc and save your bubble.

The game is quite similar to the popular one Flappy Bird game or the Easter egg that was in Google Android 5.0 and 6.0.

Apart from this, there are seven (!) Other hidden games on Android phones that do not need internet, but for them we will talk in the next article.

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