Play opera with Google Blobs

Google has created a website where you can create music by playing with Blobs, something like amorphous masses.

No, this is not a typo. From time to time, Google surprises us with its creations. So even now, he experimented with machine learning, with amorphous masses and opera.

Google's latest experiment is weird. The company has created a website that allows you to move some amorphous masses to create opera music. It's certainly weird, but it's also interesting to see how Google can use machine learning to create music that sounds fantastic.

The Google AI Blob Opera is a fun tool to try to create an opera. It is presented as four drops or amorphous masses, which you can drag right and left, up and down, to create music.

But there is much more. Artist David Lee and Google played with machine learning to create this fun tool. Lee not only worked on the instrument, but singers Cristian Joel, Frederick Tong, Joanna Gamble and Olivia Doutney recorded 16 hours of singing to teach AI how to make music.

Its use is so simple. Drag the drops up and down to change the pitch and left and right to change the vowel tone. From there, the learning algorithm will help the other blobs align with the moves you make.

Have fun. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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