You Get Paid: iPhone 5 is 300% More Reliable than a Samsung Mobile [Study]


Why Buy an iPhone 5 instead of a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Because the iPhone 5 is 300% more reliable and much less likely to spoil than a Samsung mobile.

In a new study conducted by FixYa problem-solving professionals, it was revealed that Apple is the most reliable 3,47 handheld device manufacturer on 4, while Samsung had just a 1,27 score. FixYa took the results by looking at 722.558 reports of problems.

But it worsens. Under Samsung is Nokia with just 0,68 score while Motorola only got 0,13.

But not that FixYa users found the iPhone 5 flawless, they had a complaint about the battery life, the lack of new features and the lack of adaptability. On the other hand, Samsung's mobiles were widely criticized for problems in the microphone and speakers, while Nokia users complained about the lag of the devices and the lack of applications. Finally, Motorola users complained that the devices come with pre-installed bloatware that can not be removed.

Have you noticed something about user complaints? The things FixYa mentioned as problems have nothing to do with its credibility. This in itself shows how good the iPhone is.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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