Add color to black and white photos with AI colors photos using artificial intelligence and text prompts for optimal results.

pallete fm 1

A Swedish machine learning researcher named Emil Wallner has released a free online tool that it's called which automatically colors black and white photos using AI.

Additionally, after coloring the photo, users can select a color filter or enhance the colors using a text description. is completely free and requires no registration. It uses a deep learning model to classify images, which guides its initial guesses about the colors of objects in a photo or illustration.

After you upload an image, the site's interface provides an estimated color image of what it believes. If you don't like the preset colors, you can click at the top of the screen on ready-made coloring prompts.

If you are still not satisfied you can click on the pencil icon to give it a text, which will guide the coloring model.

To test it, we took a picture of a clown, removed the color and uploaded the black and white version. gave us the following result by reducing the photo size.

pallete fm

On the left is the original one, in the middle the one we uploaded and on the right the one we got from

To download the photo in HD you will have to pay a subscription of $0,20 for each photo.

For now, is available as a free service, but Wallner plans to add a more general paid option.

The site processes images online, in the cloud. Regarding the privacy of uploaded photos, the website says, “We do not store your images”, but you keep a small basket on it.

A variant of Wallner's coloring technology is also available as a Twitter bot since the end of last year. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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