Over 500.000 Zoom accounts are sold on the Dark Web

Over 500.000 Zoom accounts are sold on Dark Web forums for less than a cent each and, in some cases, are given for free.

These codes are checked and collected after being tested by hackers. In particular, hackers try to log in to Zoom using accounts that have been leaked from time to time by previous data breaches. Successful connections are then collected in lists that are sold to other intruders on Dark Web.

Some of these Zoom accounts are offered for free on forums so that they can be used for pranks and malicious activity. Others sell for less than a cent each.

In the photo below, you can see accounts related to American colleges, such as the University of Vermont, the University of Colorado, Dartmouth, Lafayette, the University of Florida and more.

Since no one knows how far this login credential has been leaked, it is advisable to use unique passwords for each site you sign in to.

You can also check if your email address has been leaked through data breach notification services Have I Have Pwned.

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