Panopreter free text-to-speech software

Panopreter is a text-to-speech software that lets you listen to text on a computer. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use text-to-speech software for Windows users.


Reads any text aloud, supports reading the text you selected in any other software windows or copied to the Windows clipboard. Additionally, it converts text to mp3, wav, ogg and flac audio files, so you can listen to the audio files from a portable media player later when you feel comfortable.

The software runs locally on your computer, which means that your text will not be sent over the Internet.

There are even two extensions (optional) for Panopreter, which read text on web pages that open in Chrome and Firefox browsers.
The software also has tools for converting text to speech and text to audio for Microsoft, Word and Internet Explorer applications.

Panopreter speaks to you using the default Microsoft text-to-speech voices pre-installed on Windows operating systems.

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