Panos Panais was promoted to the top leadership team of Microsoft

Surface Product Manager Panos Panais took over as executive vice president of Microsoft and joined the company's senior management team, whose members are CEOs of CEO Satya Nadella.

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Such as reported Bloomberg (Bloomberg) o Cypriot Panos Panais received the anointing of Microsoft Vice President and was updated with an internal email received by Microsoft employees.

Panos Panay has been in the Surface product line for a long time. Under his leadership, this sector has shown tremendous growth and brought in many billions of dollars to Microsoft. Panais is also leading the development of Windows, since February 2020, which for the first time in many years will receive a major user interface update (Windows 11) aimed at modernizing and creating consistency of the operating system.

This promotion shows that the Microsoft leadership believes in Panai's vision for Windows 11 and Surface. His approach to the evolution of the Surface series has always taken into account the needs of both creators and consumers, and Windows 11 seems to be following suit.

It is also worth noting that a few years ago, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, joined Microsoft's senior management team. Since then, the company has significantly increased its investment in gaming and has generally begun to pay more attention to the Xbox. Hopefully, the appointment of Panos Panais to senior management will also lead to more investment in Windows. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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