Watch all World Cup matches for free and legally

The curtain of the biggest football event opened on November 20, with the match Qatar-EcuadorWhile musical it will be held after three years of pandemic and in the midst of multiple crises affecting the entire planet.

In this article we will show you how to watch all the matches completely free and legally.



The first thing we should do is to download a VPN on our devices that has Cypriot servers and connect to a Cypriot server so that we can watch all the content of the application. (Personally I prefer PIA and Mullvad).


As long as we connect to a Cypriot server, all that remains is to download the application from the Play Store Cyprus TV & Radio.

The application is completely free and has all the television and radio channels of Cyprus.



All we have to do is open our VPN and connect to a Cyprus server and open our app.

Η FIFA announced the schedule of matches, with the group stage lasting until December 2, 2022.


The detailed schedule of the matches:



Premiere: Sunday, November 20


18:00 Qatar - Ecuador (1st group), (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al Khor)

Monday 21 November
15:00 England - Iran (2nd group), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Senegal – Netherlands (1st group), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha
21:00 USA - Wales (2nd group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)

Tuesday 22 November
12:00 Argentina - Saudi Arabia (3rd group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)
15:00 Denmark - Tunisia (4th group), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Mexico - Poland (3rd group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 France - Australia (4th group), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)

Wednesday 23 November
12:00 Morocco - Croatia (6th group), (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)
15:00 Germany - Japan (5th group), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Spain – Costa Rica (5th group), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Belgium - Canada (6th group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)

Thursday 24 November
12:00 Switzerland - Cameroon (7th group), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
15:00 Uruguay - South Korea (Group 8), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Portugal - Ghana (8th group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Brazil - Serbia (7th group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Friday 25 November
12:00 Wales - Iran (2nd group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)
15:00 Qatar - Senegal (Group 1), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Netherlands - Ecuador (1st group), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
21:00 England - USA (2nd group) , (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)

Saturday 26 November
12:00 Tunisia - Australia (4th group), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
15:00 Poland - Saudi Arabia (3rd group), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
18:00 France - Denmark (4th group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Argentina - Mexico (3rd group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Sunday November 27
12:00 Japan – Costa Rica (5th group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)
15:00 Belgium - Morocco (6th group), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Croatia - Canada (6th group), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Spain - Germany (5th group), (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)

Monday 28 November

12:00 Cameroon - Serbia (7th group), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
15:00 South Korea - Ghana (Group 8), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
18:00 Brazil - Switzerland (7th group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Portugal - Uruguay (8th group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Tuesday 29 November
17:00 Ecuador - Senegal (Group 1), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
17:00 Netherlands - Qatar (1st group), (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)
21:00 Iran - USA (2nd group), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Wales - England (2nd group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)

Wednesday 30 November
17:00 Australia - Denmark (4th group), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
17:00 Tunisia - France (4th group), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Poland - Argentina (3rd group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Saudi Arabia - Mexico (3rd group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Thursday December 1
17:00 Canada - Morocco (6th group), (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
17:00 Croatia - Belgium (6th group), (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)
21:00 Japan - Spain (5th group), (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Costa Rica – Germany (5th group, (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)

Friday 2 December
17:00 Ghana - Uruguay (Group 8), (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
17:00 South Korea - Portugal (8th group), (Education City Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Serbia - Switzerland (7th group), (974 Stadium, Doha)
21:00 Cameroon - Brazil (7th group), (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)


Friday 3 December

17:00 1A – 2B (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)
21:00 1C – 2D (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan)

Saturday 4 December
17:00 1D – 2C (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
21:00 1B – 2A (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)

Sunday 5 December
17:00 1E – 2, (Al-Janoub Stadium, Al-Wakrah)
21:00 1G – 2H (974 Stadium, Doha)

Monday 6 December
17:00 1F – 2E (Education City Stadium, Doha)
21:00 1H – 2G (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Friday 9 December
17:00 QF1: W53 – W54 (Education City Stadium, Doha)
21:00 QF2: W49 – W50 (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Saturday 10 December
17:00 QF3: W55 – W56 (Al-Thumama Stadium, Doha)
21:00 QF4: W51 – W52 (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)

Wednesday 14 December
21:00 SF1: W57 – W58 (Lusail Stadium, Lusail)
21:00 SF2: W59 – W60 (Al-Bayt Stadium, Al-Khor)

Saturday 17 December
17:00 MINOR FINAL (Khalifa International Stadium, Doha)

Sunday 18 December
17:00 FINAL (Lusail Stadium, Lusail) The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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