Watch SpaceX launch for its first mission

You can, if you wish, watch the rocket launch live for its first mission to the space station.


late in the evening of May 27, SpaceX will launch the Falcon 9 rocket with two of NASA on board and will be the first private mission ς που έγινε ποτέ. Οι αστροναύτες Doug Hurley και Bob Behnken θα κάνουν ένα δι στον Διεθνή Διαστημικό Σταθμό (ISS) και θα μείνουν εκεί από 6 έως 16 εβδομάδες.

The launch is scheduled to take place on May 27 at 11:33 PM. time s. You can watch the launch in several ways. And SpaceX and NASA will publish the event from the websites.

Additionally, you can go to his channel SpaceX on YouTube or at equivalent to NASA, or finally you can also visit NASA in uStream to watch the launch of Falcon 9.

The astronauts on the rocket are expected to reach the ISS tomorrow after spending almost 19 hours in orbit. This is a very important space flight for Tesla, as it could affect its future prospects of making more trips to the ISS. If successful, it will also pave the way for other commercial space companies to make missions. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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