Subdomains of and were violated

Public Central Library of Kalamata of the Panhellenic School Network ( and the page Recovery: European Consortium for Transcriptional Cancer Research of the University of Crete (http: // gr) were violated by Turkish hackers.




The Turks continue online demonstration on critical Greek Websites.

It seems that the Greek administrators have not yet realized that their pages have been violated.

Unless they follow another doctrine: One idea to stop Turkish provocation is to let them do what they want. At some point they will get bored. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. I have rewritten it in another comment, the situation in the public sector is tragic, not only the websites but also many networks of municipalities and other public organizations that are literally rubbish in terms of their security and which contain high value databases such as municipal registers.
    Has anyone in charge ever considered the consequences of the script either being stolen, or encrypted, or turned into a botnet?
    Unless there is a systematic check of the companies that have undertaken their technical support for whether they meet some standards of service quality, we will see much worse than hacked websites.

    • Technical support is one thing and defense mechanisms are another.
      There are some basic, easy and free tools that one can use to properly shield a server. The point is that those in charge do not know them, as they usually do not exist!
      Especially for public infrastructure it is supposed that there are some services that deal with… It seems that no systematic work has been done.
      Who deals with local government now…? You do! They may not consider it a critical infrastructure, even if their servers communicate with others… much more critical!
      Also, how many times have we heard of the creation of a "Blue Team" body consisting of professionals who have stated that they can contribute their services for free to the authorities όμως But no one has ever made a public call for such a thing, because probably the priorities are elsewhere…
      We do not suffer from "words", but from "projects" and such "initiatives"…

      • Unfortunately Andrea, if "blood" is not shed, nothing will happen. Of course, politics is words, and the defense mechanisms do not seem to even exist. Maybe because the system does not want to place the responsibility somewhere and of course no one is ready to take it, given the situation that has developed.
        Coolys announces digital modernization of the Armed Forces from Thessaloniki. To see if words become deeds, and if they are done, how they will be done. Digital modernization is easy, we have a problem with retention.

        The damn thing is that the University of Crete is indifferent…

        • George, unfortunately I am also pessimistic because the "principle" of healing rather than preventing is something that lasts for years. You get to the point of saying that someone does not want but that they can not !!
          So let them "eat" them, and let us remain observers…

          • this passive attitude makes us accomplices and on the other hand if you do something different you become anti-establishment and illegal, get rid of

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