Cyprus airport was violated

According to information received by, the airport of Cyprus ( was violated.

So at the moment it is said that inter-service conversations, correspondence, monthly expenses, staff information, and more have been leaked.

The group behind the hack seems to be from Turkey. Below is evidence.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008
[*] hermes temppass
[*] hermesworkpermit
[*] master
[*] model
[*] msdb
[*] prm
[*] prm_temp
[*] ReportServer $ SQL2008
[*] ReportServer $ SQL2008TempDB
[*] tempdb
[*] tmpPRM

Database: prm
[270 tables]

Database: hermesworkpermit
[323 tables]

Update: We apologize to our readers for the reference to the airport of "Southern Cyprus". In our haste to spread the news we used the Turkish name. Title and text corrected. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. "Southern Cyprus" is only in your sick mind. It is a shame to reproduce information without controlling it.
    I'm sorry but so far it has been

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