Parrot 4.10 Forensics & Anonymous Surfing

Parrot 4.10: Parrot Security OS (or ParrotSec) is a Debian-based GNU / Linux distribution. Developed for penetration testing (computer security), vulnerability and mitigation, Computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing.

Created by the Italian Frozenbox Team.

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ParrotSec or Parrot Security OS offers many tools for content analysis on the web and computer systems. It is a workshop for Digital Forensics, with legally recognized tools that work with cryptography, offering many possibilities. In addition, it allows you to surf and work anonymously.

Parrot 4.10 is based on its test distribution Debian GNU / Linux 11 "bullseye", and uses Debian Testing repositories. with a customized for more security linux 5.4 Kernel. Distribution is a rolling release.

Parrot 4.10 comes with the latest kernel fixes for the latest vulnerabilities. The new distribution, in addition to kernel security updates, improves the stability of the installer, updates many security tools, and brings some necessary improvements to graphics.

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The program is certified to run on systems that have at least 265Mb RAM and is suitable for both 32bit (i386) and 64bit (amd64).

It also has a special version that works on old 32bit machines (486). In addition, the program is available for armel and armhf architectures. It also has a version (32bit and 64bit) developed for servers to perform Cloud pentesting.

The new version is already available on the official website, but anyone interested can download the ISO from the following links:

Ρarrοt 4.10 release notes

1.8 GiB 2020-Aug-15 22: 03
40.5 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
3.1 GiB 2020-Aug-13 19: 31
2.0 GiB 2020-Aug-15 22: 28
4.6 KiB 2020-Aug-16 22: 36
44.6 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
44.6 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
4.1 GiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 15
4.6 KiB 2020-Aug-16 22: 36
88.0 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
88.0 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
4.0 GiB 2020-Aug-15 23: 19
85.2 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
5.2 GiB 2020-Aug-13 19: 45
1.7 GiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 35
39.0 KiB 2020-Aug-16 00: 36
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