Parrot 4.6 Forensics & Anonymous Surfing

Parrot 4.6: Parrot Security OS (or ParrotSec) is a Debian-based GNU / Linux distribution. Developed for Penetration Tests (Computer Security), Vulnerability and Mitigation Assessment, Computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing. Created by the Italian Frozenbox team.

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ParrotSec or Parrot Security OS offers many tools for content analysis on the web and computer systems. It is a workshop for Digital Forensics, with legally recognized tools that work with cryptography, offering many possibilities. In addition, it allows you to surf and work anonymously.

Parrot Security OS 4.6 is based on its trial distribution Debian GNU / Linux 10 "Buster", and uses Debian Testing repositories. with a customized linux for more security 4.19 Kernel.

The distribution is rolling.

Parrot Security OS 4.6 for the first time comes with KDE Plasma desktop environment, but also MATE DE, which we knew.

Release notes

Download the ISO you are interested in from the links below:

Parrot-home-4.6_amd64.iso 2G
Parrot-home-4.6_amd64.iso.torrent 7372
Parrot-home-4.6_virtual.ova 3G
Parrot-home-4.6_virtual.ova.torrent 8930
Parrot-kde-home-4.6_amd64.iso 2G
Parrot-kde-home-4.6_amd64.iso.torrent 7671
Parrot-kde-security-4.6_amd64.iso 4G
Parrot-kde-security-4.6_amd64.iso.torrent 10K
Parrot-netinstall-4.6_amd64.iso 45M
Parrot-netinstall-4.6_i386.iso 39M
Parrot-netinstall-gtk-4.6_amd64.iso 71M
Parrot-netinstall-gtk-4.6_i386.iso 65M
Parrot-security-4.6_amd64.iso 4G
Parrot-security-4.6_amd64.iso.torrent 10K
Parrot-security-4.6_virtual.ova 5G
Parrot-security-4.6_virtual.ova.torrent 12K
md5.txt 720
sha1.txt 808
sha224.txt 984
sha256.txt 1072
sha384.txt 1424
sha512.txt 1776
signed-hashes.txt 9016

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