Parrot Security 3.5 Computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing

The Parrot Security OSParrotSec) is a distribution GNU / Linux based on Debian. Developed for penetration testing (computer security), vulnerability and mitigation assessment, computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing. Created by the Italian Frozenbox Team.Parrot Security 3.2

ParrotSec or Parrot Security OS offers many tools for analyzing web content and computer systems. It is a laboratory for Forensics digital use, with legally recognized tools that work with cryptography, offering many possibilities. In addition, it allows you to surf and work anonymously.

The Parrot based on stable distribution Jessie of Debian, with one customized for more security linux 4.xx Kernel. The distribution is rolling release.

The new version is called CyberSloop and comes with an update Linux Kernel in the version 4.9.13.

The interface is MATE, a fork of Gnome 2, and the default manager is LightDM.

The program is certified to run on systems that have at least 265Mb of RAM and is suitable for both 32bit (i386) as well as for 64bit (amd64). It also has a special version that works on old machines 32bit (486). In addition, the program is available for armel and armhf architectures. It has another version (32bit and 64bit) developed for servers to perform Cloud pentesting.

The development team has not exactly identified the frequency of official releases, but according to the changelog of the releases that have already been released, the distribution frequency is monthly.


The new Parrot Security OS 3.5 is here. You can download it from the following links:

Parrot-full-3.5_amd64.iso 07-Mar-2017 06:35 3G
Parrot-full-3.5_i386.iso 07-Mar-2017 05:19 3G
Parrot-lite-3.5_amd64.iso 07-Mar-2017 06:35 1G
Parrot-lite-3.5_i386.iso 07-Mar-2017 05:19 1G
Parrot-netinst-3.5_amd64.iso 03-Mar-2017 13:05 37M
Parrot-netinst-3.5_arm64.iso 23-Feb-2017 23:56 36M
Parrot-netinst-3.5_i386.iso 03-Mar-2017 13:05 35M
Parrot-studio-3.5_amd64.iso 07-Mar-2017 06:36 2G
signed-hashes.txt 07-Mar-2017 10:02 9840

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