Patch Tuesday fixes 64 vulnerabilities and two zero days

Microsoft finally released the monthly security updates yesterday as part of Patch Tuesday.

This month, the company from Redmond corrected 64 vulnerabilities, 17 of which were critical. Among these were two zero days for the Windows operating system.Patch Tuesday fixes 64 vulnerabilities and two zero days

First 0DAY

The first zero day was published by Google last week and according to the company it could be used on 32-bit Windows systems.

Today, Microsoft provided update? security not only for Windows 7, but also for Windows Server 2008 systems, which are also affected by vulnerability CVE-2019-0808.

Second 0DAY

The second zero day was discovered by Kaspersky researchers and recorded as CVE-2019-0797. Just like the first one, it is a privilege elevation error (EoP) that can allow attackers to run code with administrator privileges.

This zero day affects all versions of Windows.

Other corrections

In addition to the two zero days, Microsoft corrected (again) three major vulnerabilities in the Windows DHCP client that allowed remote attackers to take control of vulnerable systems (CVE-2019-0697, CVE-2019-0698, and CVE-2019-0726).

So, according to the above, it is considered necessary to immediately upgrade your systems (although usually you do not do it immediately).

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