Patch Tuesday fixes 129 vulnerabilities in 15 products

Microsoft was released late last night Tuesda Patch updatesy. This month, the company fixed 129 vulnerabilities in 15 products, from Windows to ASP.NET.

This month, out of 129 vulnerabilities, 32 were classified as remote code execution issues, which are bugs that allow intruders to exploit remote applications over a network.Patch Tuesday

Of those 32, 20 are rated "critical" seriousness, the highest rating on the Microsoft scale, making these 20 vulnerabilities some of the most significant bugs fixed in Microsoft products this month. The list of 20 critical RCE products includes errors:

All of the vulnerabilities listed above are serious security issues, especially those affecting Windows, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365 (as these systems are often installed on large corporate networks).

Here is additional information about today's Patch Tuesday and security updates released by other major companies:

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