Patch Tuesday 2020/02 fixes 99 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft today released security updates to Patch Tuesday February February 2020.

This month's updates include many fixes, as they close 99 security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software.

Patch Tuesday

One of the most serious vulnerabilities fixed this month was CVE-2020-0674, a 0day in Internet Explorer.

On January 17, Microsoft revealed ongoing attacks in which hackers used this zero day in IE, but then the company did not have a patch.

In this Patch Tuesday, in addition to the above, 98 other vulnerabilities are fixed. Of these, 11 have been described as "critical".

Most of these vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without physical access to the target computer. They also affect memory errors in services such as the IE scripting engine, Remote Desktop Protocol, LNK files and the Media Foundation component.

This month, Microsoft updates are huge in volume. Windows Update will automatically install updates that fix the 99 bugs in your computer security.

For more information and technical details visit the official Security Update Guide Microsoft portal contains all the security updates in one table.

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