Patch Tuesday July mandatory removal of Flash Player

Microsoft continues to remove Flash Player from all versions of Windows 10. The optional update that removes Flash Player has been available since February and appears to operating system users at various intervals as part of the "gradual" removal.

The company for the first time terminated support for Adobe Flash Player in its browsers (Edge and Internet Explorer 11). In February, Microsoft released Flash Player-killer KB4577586 as an optional update to Windows Update (WU) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Next Patch Tuesday will completely shut down Flash Player.

On April 27, Microsoft announced the new changes that will be released in June and July. According to the roadmap, no separate update will be required to remove Flash Player.

The optional Windows 10 "C" and "D" updates, which will be released in June, will remove Flash Player.

For those unfamiliar, versions C or D of Windows 10 are updated in the third or fourth week of the month. These updates are completely optional and include non-security updates.

But even if you do not install the optional update, the Flash Player will be removed with the mandatory Patch Tuesday update.

So the 21H1 version of Windows 10, or May 2021 Update, will be the first version of the operating system to be released without Adobe Flash Player. If you upgrade to the May 2021 Update, Flash Player will automatically stop running on your system.

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