Patch Tuesday KB5004237 is preparing a fix

The Patch Tuesday July of 10 does not seem to solve annoying performance or gaming problems, according to user reports. However, Microsoft seems to be aware of these reports and is preparing one more which will address the problems in power plans and Game mode.

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Windows 10 security updates released after March seem to be causing a lot of problems for some gamers. Many reported inconsistent framerates, display difficulties in some games, and other performance issues after the of updates.

Microsoft officially released an update in late April and upgraded it to KB5004237 (Patch Tuesday July 2021). However, it turns out that the update released by Microsoft on July 13 does not completely solve the problems in the games (low framerates and abnormal performance problems).

These problems have been observed in Windows 10 21H1, 20H2 version, 20H2 version and possibly older versions.

"Once again, I're still having performance issues with games from KB5000842. Someone from Microsoft really needs to fix this. The solution is to set the power plan you use to "High Performance", but I prefer to stay in "Balanced", he says a user at .

Windows has different power plans and you can adjust them according to your system for better performance or to reduce usage s. One in Windows 10 prevents power plans from working properly.

Microsoft is aware of these issues with the default or custom power plans and according to the company there is a solution.

With Windows 10 Build 19044.1149 or Build 19043.1149, Windows will no longer ignore power plans or gaming mode.

Microsoft is still testing the upcoming update, and makes it available to Insiders following the Release Preview Ring.

It is worth mentioning that this problem will not appear in the coming . For older versions, Microsoft will release an update with the next Patch Tuesday. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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patch tuesday, patch tuesday microsoft, patch tuesday july 2021, iguru,

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